Gamescom: Injustice 2 Preview

In a behind closed doors preview at Gamescom, we were shown some of the improvements and new features in the newest instalment of Injustice. The presentation focused on introducing the playing style of new fighters coming to the game, as well as the ‘gear’ system which allows players to customise their fighters stats as well […]

Paragon: Playing as Greystone

Paragon’s new hero ‘Greystone’ released today! We’ve played a couple of matches as the new hero and are able to give our verdict on how he plays. So far we like what we’ve seen from Paragon, it’s a beautiful game especially in comparison to the other MOBAs on the market. Greystone is no exception to […]

Game Of The Year Contenders

We’re moving into the second half of the year, and whilst most of the AAA titles in gaming save there releases for October, November and December, there have already been some amazing games released so far that could be in contention for Game of the Year.    OVERWATCH Overwatch has taken the gaming world by storm […]


E3 2016 brought a lot of surprises to the stage, but one of the most notable was definitely the reveal of Resident Evil 7. Following on from a P.T. styled stage demo the reveal showed a new style and direction for the Resident Evil franchise following the disappointment of Resident Evil 6. Following the reveal, […]