EGX Rezzed: SOEDESCO Roundup

We had the chance to chat with the guys at SOEDESCO and play some of their upcoming games/ Check out what we thought of the new IP AereA, World to the West and 8 Bit Armies below. We’re also offering the chance to win a copy of Adam’s Venture: Chronicles on steam, all you need to do is subscribe and tweet at us to be in with a chance!


AereA is the brand new IP being published by SOEDESCO and developed under Triangle Studios. It was originally developed by Brazilian studio Odin before they unfortunately closed down in 2016 – since then SOEDESCO have picked up the project and since finished the game. This was therefore the first time that gameplay had been shown off to the public and there are a few things worth noting.

Firstly, AereA can be played in 4-player co-op split screen – a welcome addition in today’s online centred world. The main gameplay involves taking control of one of four heroes and travelling round a top-down perspective world defeating enemies and restoring music to the level. The musical characters and themes offer a unique art direction and audio queues for attacks, but from what I played they offered very little more than that – the game is rudimentary in it’s presentation – first you fight some enemies and then solve some puzzles using keys or metronomes. There was a lack of environment interaction that seemed somewhat out of place, especially in a market dominated by groundbreaking titles such as Bastion and Transistor.

The visuals were also relatively disappointing. The game looks specifically rough in some of its bland environments – I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece but SOEDESCO usually make sure games are well polished before release – look at Earthlock, World to the West for proof. This made me question the ‘summer 2017’ release date but the team at SOEDESCO seem confident that the game will be ready to ship by then.

8-Bit Armies was on show, revealing the controller set up for the first time. Previously releasing on steam, this throwback RTS has a lot of charm and is easily playable. But it was clearly built for PC, as controlling it with an Xbox controller seemed a little finicky at times. But still it’s better to have an RTS to complain about than none at all, and however simplistic the relatively small game maps will fit in perfectly for short play sessions – allowing me to finally play something other than Rocket League when I have a spare 30 minutes.

The game is set to release both digitally and physically in the summer, so check back here for our full review.

World to the West was one of the best games that SOEDESCO had on show, the game has a gorgeous cell-shaded aesthetic and runs smoothly throughout everything we played and saw.  Gameplay is varied depending on the character you play as, and this helps to keep it feeling fresh throughout as you mix between, combat traversal and puzzle solving segments.

Made by the same team that worked on the beautiful Teslagrad, Rain Games, we’re specifically excited to see how this one turns out. World to the West will be available for PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One on May 5.


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