Furi: Review in Progress

Furi is an odd type of masterpiece. The art style and vibe of the game sometimes come across as artistic and engrossing, sometimes however it looks simplistic and empty. The game is centred around a series of boss fights, all of which pose a different threat and all of which are designed to perfection. However the spaces in between these magnificent fights feels more like fodder than a deeply woven connecting story – but who knows maybe it pans out a little more elaborately than I have seen so far.

But the bosses are without a doubt what this game is trying to show off, each of them requires a different style of play, making use of the simplistic actions the player can use to create a number of varied situations. One example of this is during the 3rd fight, in which the player has to constantly dodge a barrage of projectiles which make the game feel like a precise platform.


Precision is the key throughout, and it is Furi’s parry system that best defines this notion. Nothing is more satisfying than defying the odds in a one on one enclosed duel, perfectly parrying multiple hits to avoid death and make it to the next stage of the fight. The way the fights pan out create a sense of progression and a learning curve for each Boss’ various skill set as well as heightening the tension of the battle as you approach the end hanging onto your last life – dreading having to start from the beginning.


One thing thats hugely important for games of this nature is to feel fair, and Furi succeeds immensely in this fashion. Whenever I fail to beat a boss it is because of my own shortcomings or inexperience with a certain sequence of moves rather than the game cheating me.

For more on Furi, including a full review, check back here at Echo Games!

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