Majin Vegeta Joins Dragonball Xenoverse 2

During a closed doors presentation of Dragonball Xenoverse 2, a lot of new information was released to the press. The highlights of the show focused on the reveal of Majin Vegeta from the Buu Saga as a playable character as well as the introduction of expert missions to the game.

Majin Vegeta was added to the game after continued clamour for his inclusion from fans. A battle of Majin Vegeta and Majin Buu was shown to illustrate the character – who plays as a more powerful version of SSJ2 Vegeta. Various combos were shown off in battle as well as the Final Flash attack. Bandai Namco are eager to please fans – and have set up the website as a means of opening a two way conversation with the fans. This will allow them to update and support the game for ‘at least a year’ after release.




The other major point, Expert Missions are a new type of single and multiplayer experience. Teams of 6 fighters (AI controlled in single player) will battle against superpowered versions of enemies – and we were told on the highest difficulty these enemies could take upwards of 10 minutes to defeat, increasing the longevity of battle. In these expert missions players can use their created character or any of the roster and will face unique new challenges. The challenge that was showcased to us was a ‘brainwash’ mechanic in which players would be sent into their own minds to fight versions of themselves. Whilst this is going on the rest of the team will be fighting the original enemy as well as an AI controlled version of the ‘brainwashed’ player. In order to escape this attack players must defeat the AI version of themselves or have their team defeat  the AI player.




Some other gameplay features were also shown off – the hub world is now huge and supports flying. Meaning that up to 300 players can be in the same area flying or driving around at the same time. We were also shown the SSJ versions of Frieza’s race and Namekians. The first of these changes to a golden/bronzed coloured skin whilst the other grows in size to match that of a great ape. Finally we were shown the curved dash, which allows players to rush around oncoming energy attacks and arrive behind the enemy player.

The game will run at 1080p and 60fps on every console when it launches on October 28.

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