Mobius Final Fantasy Review in Progress

Mobius Final Fantasy is a free-to-play RPG with turned-based battles occurring as the player makes his journey through the world of Paramecia.

The battles occur in waves between points on a map, and scale up in difficulty with each wave. This is where the real meat of the game lies, with a elemental based weakness system in place with abilities. This is seemingly basic at first, with Water and Fire acting as opposites that are weak to each other but strong to attacks of the same type. These attacks are powered by orbs collected by damaging the enemy – this collection allows for deeper gameplay if the player chooses to increase their resistance to water attacks, and thus obtain less water orbs and more of fire, earth and wind. So far there seems to be no down side to using this ability, which means effectively every battle starts with me just increasing my resistance to whatever enemy type I am facing.

The abilities, jobs and summons in the game utilise cards, which are formed into decks corresponding to different jobs. The player starts out with the basic Onion Knight job card, but quickly unlocks other jobs (initially a mage, and a rogue type) which allow for different usage of cards in their decks. I’ve yet to see the benefit of switching job cards to fit situations, as they seem to have little difference on enemy types, so for now this decision is totally down to my personal preference. One neat feature is the ability to ‘rent’ abilities from other players in the game, this often comes in handy if you’re about to face enemies of a specific type and don’t have an ability card to counter it – players can of course list their own abilities for rent, and the more they are used the more tickets they are awarded (tickets are used to unlock items, abilities and summons).

The game is admittedly really good looking for an mobile game, and doesn’t attempt to hide behind a specific art style. Square Enix have attempted to have console standard visuals and for the most part it is successful – although the game is hugely comparable to the Infinity Blade art style, and I don’t think it comes out on top. Despite being good looking the game runs relatively smoothly throughout, and the battle menus are simple and easy to use. This is in contrast to the basic customisation menus which are a bevy of tabs stuck on the side of the screen in order to keep the player visible.

Despite naming their characters, players assume the role of ‘Wol’ who is tasked with proving his right to be called the ‘Warrior of Light’ – a fairly basic set up but one that allows for steady improvement and drove me to compete against other players in the game’s ranking system. I didn’t like Wol, the game definitively has you play as a set character with his own personality rather than allowing the player to assume their own role. Wol is cocky, and needlessly rude at the start of the game, I’m hoping this changes because everything he says at the moment is near on unbearable.

Check back here for more on Mobius Final Fantasy as we get further into the game. We’ll be looking at the role of micro transactions and going further into the use of summons in our next update. To make sure you don’t miss a thing subscribe, and follow us on twitter.

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