Meet the Stars of Persona 5

We’ve spent hours and hours getting to know every character in Persona 4 Golden. But with Persona 5 on the horizon it’s time to start looking at the team we’ll be playing with in the new game.

The Protagonist

The player’s character in Persona 5, known as Joke and leader of the Phantom Thieves and a transfer student at Shujin Academy in Tokyo. His initial persona is Arsene, the gentleman thief.


The Phantom Thieves of Hearts

Instead of actually going to the police, the protagonist, Ryuji , Ann, and Morgana formed the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in order to target the “corrupt adults” and steal their “corrupt hearts” and change the world in order to rebel and fight against the complex, sophisticated and well-ingrained system of slavery they are trapped in. They are willing to perform illegal activities if it means reaching their own freedom and liberation.

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