Disc Jam Review

Disc Jam is trying really hard to emulate the success of Rocket League. That’s not a flaw as much as it is an unflattering comparison. The key premise of the game is original and remains fun for a while, but ultimately it lacks the polish and replay-value that Rocket League does. The minute to minute gameplay of […]

Playstation Plus Games for August Announced

Sony have revealed the lineup of games coming to Playstation Plus users in August. The PS4 will be getting Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy, with the pick of the week Yakuza 5, and Retro/Grade coming to PS3. Finally Vita owners will receive Patapon 3. Ultratron will also be cross-play across the three platforms. Rebel Galaxy is a space […]

Sony Has Stealth Released Kill Strain!

If you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber you can download and play free-to-play asymmetric team shooter Kill Strain right now on the Playstation Store! Kill Strain has a bit of an odd premise, 4 players pit their skills against another 4 players as well as a smaller team of 2. This is a neat idea and we’re excited […]